Auto Insurance

What features and benefits are you giving me?

Every auto insurance policy from The Hartford includes:

You can choose to upgrade your policy with additional benefits such as:

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How does a company determine what rates to charge?

Companies generally set rates that will allow them to pay the costs of expected claims and other business expenses. In most states, a company’s rates must be reviewed and approved by the state’s insurance department before a company can put them into effect.


Am I covered when renting a car?

Coverage for damage to a rental vehicle is provided while in the U.S., its territories and Canada -- as long as you have comprehensive and collision on one of your own insured vehicles. If you rent a car and travel outside of these geographical areas, it is recommended that you purchase Auto Insurance Coverage.


How does the "Disappearing" Deductible work?

We reward you for having a 5 year clean driving record (including 3 years with us as a new policyholder) by reducing your Collision deductible by $150. For each additional year you are insured with us and maintain a clean driving record, we will take another $50 off the deductible. Over time, your deductible may “disappear” altogether. In some states, we are prohibited from reducing your deductible below $100.


Why do you provide discounts to people who take driver safety courses?

Defensive driving courses refresh old skills and teach new ones to help prevent accidents. The driver’s initiative in taking steps to improve driving skills combined with his or her awareness of defensive driving tactics leads many companies to offer a discount.


Do I need full coverage (comprehensive and collision) on my older car?

This is a personal decision, and you will want to consider the cost of purchasing this coverage, the current value of your vehicle, and the amount you could afford to pay out-of-pocket if your car is damaged. If you have an older car with a low book value, this coverage may only pay a nominal amount in the event of a major accident, or if your car is totaled.


Why do I need auto insurance?

Your car has two unique qualities. First, it is probably one of the most expensive things you own. Insurance protects your investment and guarantees you a way of coping with the expense of accidents, vandalism or theft, as well as securing your financial responsibility to the bank or other institution lending the money to buy your vehicle.

Second, when you drive, you are operating a powerful machine, weighing one ton or more and capable of moving at over 100 miles per hour. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers, your fellow drivers, other people's property, pedestrians and yourself. Insurance helps you live up to that responsibility by ensuring your ability to cover the costs of potential damages or injuries.

You are also required by state laws to be financially responsible. This requirement is best satisfied through your insurance coverage. In most states, insurance is a prerequisite to registering your car. So if you want to drive your own vehicle, you must be insured.